Hedgehunter offers over 50 years experience and is run by a family of both Game and Clay Shooters going back generations. We can’t wait to open and get involved in a field we love and get talking to our customers about there experiences and their success stories

We are very excited to finally get the hunting floor open and to get the Full RFD LIcence so we can stock and supply Guns + Ammo. We also deal in a wide range of Airsoft products- its been part of our plan since we first opened the bottom floor and just hope we can serve you as well as we have in Procastangling. We will be stocking everything from Guns + Ammo - Dog training equipment to Decoy's - Hides - Clothing and a wide range of other accessories to ensure the season goes off with a bang.

We have ensured we have obtained all the suppliers we need to ensure we offer both Price and Gaurantee and to make sure we have everything covered from Guns + Ammo to clothing & snap caps.

We have also obtained some of the best suppliers to stock us with Airsoft Guns and accessories

We look forward to seeing you and supplying you - YOUR LOCAL GUN DEALER.

Many Thanks Thehedgehunter